The Art Of Self Discipline and Success

What is the secrete to success? How can I get there the fastest way possible?

I am sure we all have thought about these questions at one point in our lives. Unfortunately there is no secrete and there is no overnight success. There is only discipline. 

I have worked all my life to become an overnight success

Success is Always Uphill

With discipline you will have success because what is worthwhile in life is always uphill. It is never easy, but all you have to do is simply climb. The only problem is that people do not want to climb, they want to coast. They want success to come to them. You cannot win the lottery by hope and you will not be successful if you do not make the effort.

1 Day of Coasting Ruins Everything

You do not need a break! Success does not coast and the hill you climb does not level out or plateau. Every day should be one step forward towards your goal, not one step backwards and one step down.

You cannot sit down, you must get up, stay up, and climb up! And you must do it every day!

As Jerry Seindfeild once said to a newly starting comedian who asked what was your secrete to success? Jerry had replied, every day I write a joke and place a big red X on my calendar. Then I do it again, and again and never break the chain.

Self Discipline is an Every Day Effort