Critical Traits of Startup Entrepreneurs

Are you planning on becoming a startup entrepreneur? Do you think you have what it takes to be the next greatest success? Well it is not all luck, but instead it is all about you and who you are. 

Learning how to grow yourself and focusing on these key critical traits will certainly help you survive the entrepreneurial roller coaster yet to come.

If you lack these traits, or they may not be your strong points, then work on them, and focus on building them up each day.

Focusing on growing your skills in these traits will get your startup out of the red and into a positive cash flow. Or in other words, become successful.

Grow in Self-awareness

The single most important factor to a successful startup is YOU. It starts with your idea, and your ability to execute successfully. But what makes YOU? 

Well it is your self-awareness that creates who you are. It is your ability to know your strengths and weaknesses. Learning what you are good at and leveraging it to your benefit is how you can excel. 

This also goes for knowing your weaknesses so you can focus on improving them. No one is perfect but when you understand yourself, you are able to begin working on making improvements. Be mindful of your flaws and seek to develop them into skills.

After all it all starts with YOU and it takes YOU to make yourself, so become self-aware of who you are and how you can grow further.

Learn to Stand Through the Hits

Every day your startup will be taking hits left and right. Some will be harder than others. Become resilient and learn how to keep standing through all the punches. 

Being an entrepreneur in a startup is not easy. It’s a roller coaster ride that will hit you in the gut a few times over and over. Learn to get aquatinted to sudden hits and become mentally stronger within yourself.

One day the economy might suddenly crash, or your banker decides you are now in default of your small business loan, or a sudden legal situation may erupt in your face. This is all part of the startup roller coaster ride. Getting yourself accustomed to these hits will make you stronger the next time they come.

Be aware these hits are going to come randomly without prediction, so don’t live in fear and prevent yourself from success, but instead push ever forward towards your end goal.

If you would like to learn more about overcoming your fear, check out this great guide!

Be Patient with Results

Nothing happens all at once and results generally never instantaneously come. If you are seeking success, you must be in it for the long game!

With any startup, there are no shortcuts, and there is no easy way. Cutting corners only leads to poor performance in the long run. If you decide to reduce your staffing levels, customer service or overall production will be negatively impacted. Using lower quality products in place of higher quality will decrease the value of your brand. Impatience leads to disappointment and dissatisfaction.

Impatience roots back to unrealistic expectations and lack of cash in your startup. You should not expect to be sitting on a beach cash flowing six figures a month any time soon. It takes time to nurture, grow, and develop your business into the next multi-national conglomerate. 

Instead focus on having patience with the goal in mind. Work each day towards the development of your startup. With patience and persistence your startup will thrive. 

Be Humble, Curious & Ready to Learn

When starting your new endeavor, the only thing you know is that you know nothing. Going into your new venture with a mindset that you already know it all will only guarantee failure. No one knows everything when they are starting out, and neither will you.

You may have been successful in another area of your life, but starting a new venture puts you back at the bottom. Be humble and curious to learn more. The only thing you know is that you do not know how to be successful just yet.

Successful startup entrepreneurs understand they must continuously learn and sharpen their craft. As their businesses evolve, they too must develop. An entrepreneur’s business can only grow to the skills they contain. Thus to be successful, an entrepreneur must always be humble, curious, and continue to learn.

In any new venture, your strongest asset will be knowing you have much more to learn. Be committed to developing yourself and your business. Spend the time learning your business and build the asset value of your venture.

Muster Massive Amounts of Energy & Enthusiasm

Energy and enthusiasm are the life blood to any startup. When times get tough and things are not looking good, it is your positive energy and enthusiasm that will keep your startup going. After all, you are the fuel that powers the vehicle.

If you elect to take a day off, or start your day late, your startup does the same. And how can your business be successful if you aren’t working on it? 

Instead build the momentum waking up every day devoting the energy and enthusiasm to keep going. When you have momentum, it becomes easier. Success naturally follows.

Your business is a mirror image of you. If you stop, so does your business. Keep yourself going, be positive, devote the energy building momentum, and your business will follow.

For anyone who may be an introvert or lacking the energy, then fake it! The expression fake it till you make is works here. The whole point is to push for a winning business, as no one wants to be associated with a failing one.

Model Dependability & Dedication

Your business is a reflection of you. If your startup business is not performing, then look at yourself. Practice extreme ownership in your business as everything falls back on you.

This is even more amplified when you have employees. The saying “Show, don’t tell” goes to play here. Lead by example and set the stage for how things are to be run. If you show up late or let small things slide by, so will your team. This always leads to poor performance.

Instead set the example on how things should be run. Get into the business with your team and over perform. Your team must see and feel the dedication you have. This dedication must overflow into your all of your relationships both personal and professional giving off an additive dedicated glow.

Unfortunately this also means passing up that vacation, or night out with the guys. There are no breaks. Either you are working towards your goal, or working against it.

Master the Power of Focus

I have talked about the power of focus several times now. It is the essential key to success. When you are able to master it, suddenly everything becomes clear and straight forward.

Focus gives you clarity on one thing. It removes the distractions and drives all of your energy into one goal. Here less is more. For example Apple is focused on selling a limited line of products that that creates their success instead of venturing too far away from their core line. Per Steve Jobs, he has been quoted for saying:

Focus is narrowing down what is essential and profitable and putting all of your attention in that area. An easy way to figure out what should be cut is: if it does not relate to selling your core product, it should not be sold. Focus on building your brand by providing specific exceptional products that define you.

Keep your business simple and don’t try to bolt on more and more things. When you get exceptionally good, maybe you could look into expanding out further. I wouldn’t do that thought until after you have successfully saturated your current market.

Nothing Is Perfect - Lighten Up Your Control Freak

Perfection is a double edged sword. Not enough and you have an incomplete business, too much and you haven’t progressively moved forward. There is a fine line with startups where too much perfection will will distract you from the underlying goal of making money.

The general rule of thumb here is 80% is better than 100%. Or in Sheryl Sanberg’s words: “Done is better than perfect”. Follow the Pareto principle and selectively procrastinate what you do and do not need to make money. A cash flowing business is a growing business!

Many times startup entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed with too many ancillary things to get done. They need to negotiate the best lease for their store, or come up with the best business plan, or design the perfect logo. All of this is nonsense and takes away from the core reason why they are going into business, and that is to make money!

Leave Your Ego Behind

Check your ego at the door! Starting your own business means you are not out to impress, but instead to prove. Being a startup entrepreneur involves ignoring what others think and instead focusing on what you want. Your ego is only justified by what others think, and in a startup we don’t care what others think. We only care about results.

When you are starting your business, you are not going to be that top successful CEO and Founder. You are not going to have that easy fun living on a beach lifestyle. Instead you will be working, failing, growing, learning, and developing.

A startup entrepreneur will be the first in and the last out. They will be doing the jobs no one else wants to do because it is essential to their business. Most importantly, entrepreneurs will be selling!

In a startup, entrepreneurs must sell to survive. Without incoming cashflow, you have no business!

In sales, you are going to hear many people’s opinions and what they think. Many of those will include “No’s” and other forms of rejection. Here in these situations, your ego will serve you no purpose and only put you down and prevent you from achieving.

Put that ego away and look at every no as a sense of empowerment to do better next time. Getting a “No” only means you did not do your job right.

Having an ego will only get in the way of you learning and developing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and ignore what others think. Put that ego away and you will succeed.

Recommend Reading
We highly recommend this book for any startup entrepreneur. There are many great examples that you can apply within your own entrepreneurial experience.

Begin with the End in Mind

Where do you want to be in five or ten years? Have you put much thought into this?

Setting a goal and living into that goal everyday is essential for success. When starting out, begin by picking your destination. Do you want to be a billionaire and own your own island? Or maybe you want to create the greatest market changer.

No matter what you think of, push yourself everyday to live into that dream. Every day you will be given a chance to either contribute to your goal, or take away from it. You decide!

The whole point here is you are focusing on an end goal. The total end game for you that will say you made it. Think big, as you only cap your potential with what you are able to dream up.

Each you work towards that end goal and everyday you will find yourself getting closer and closer.


Additional Resources

Book Cover: Grind: A No-Bullshit Approach to Take Your Business from Concept to Cash Flow
by Michael J. McFall

A successful startup entrepreneur Michael J. McFall lays down the facts to starting your own business. As he goes into his experience starting his own coffee shop franchise, Michael lays out a clear to the point down to earth approach.

We highly recommend this book for any startup entrepreneur looking to gain some additional insight on what it is like for others struggling as well.

by Zig Ziglar

A legend when it comes to personal development, Zig Ziglar will always seek to inspire you over an over again. 

This book we actually recommend getting the audio book version so you can pick up on all of Zig’s humor. It is a joy to listen to this book and will open your mind with great common sense we all should have known by now in our lives. You will enjoy this one!

by Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is the master at pointing out your failure because of your own limiting walls, also known as your ego!

This book is an essential to have in your library and should be re-read to keep your ego in check. 

How to Set Goals: A Simple Guide for Success

We all have great dreams in our lives, but without setting them into a plan of action, they will never evolve into reality. By setting a goal, you will be able to take that dream or idea into reality. To assist you with turning your dreams or ideas into something more, we created this simple guide on how to set goals to get you started.


What's In This Article?


What can goals do for YOU?

Goals Create the Future Today

To get started, first let’s think about what a goal really does. In essence, a goal gives you the ability to take control over your life and create your future. What does that mean exactly?

Well, by setting a goal today, and later taking action and accountability, you will be able to work your way to achieving that dream. It all starts with taking that dream and writing it down. 

A goal sets the end point on a map to guide you forward into the future

As David Allen once said “The great secrete about goals and visions is not the future they describe but the change in the present they engender.” 

If You Can Dream It, You Can Obtain It

Did you know everything in this world has been designed twice, once in the mind, and second in reality?

Anything you see, hear, touch in this world was first created within the mind.  Each achiever had to believe it is possible first before they could bring it to reality and create it.

You have to imagine yourself achieving that goal and then believe it can be achieved. The best method is to begin visualizing what it would be like to achieve your goal and how it will make you feel. Dreaming up your goals allows you to become your own visionary!

For an entrepreneur, this could be dreaming up a the latest innovation for a new tech giant, or something smaller such as getting initial funding to start their business. The most important part is they are creating within their own mind and believing it can accomplished.

In a more general context, athletes, movie stars, presidents, and anyone who has accomplished anything first had to imagine themselves achieving their goal, believe it can be accomplished, and later place a plan taking action to bring it to reality.

Create Your Life

The best part of creating a goal is exactly that. You get to make it up! You have the ability to decide what goals you would like, and you decide if you would like to go after them.

An important point here is you create your goals just like you create your life’s journey. Thus, in other words, you make up your goals based on what you desire most! 

Tell A True Lie

Another way to look at goal development is telling yourself a true lie of what you would like to be, or how you would like people to view you.  

By lying to yourself that you have already achieved that goal, you are able to create a vision and later live into that vision.

When you believe in a version of a higher self, you begin to live into that self.


Think Like Arnold

An great real world example of how imagining and then achieving, let’s look at Arnold Schwarzenegger who said:

"I am going to be the number one box office start in all of Hollywood."

At the beginning of his movie career, Arnold explained how he would do that by creating a vision of what he wants to be and then live into that vision as if it were already true. 

Arnold then went on landing years of blockbuster movie roles, becoming governor of the state of California, and continually achieving his goals.


How To Plan Your Goals

As you may have heard before, Warren Buffet and many other great inspirations have all said similar things, make a list of all the goals you want to achieve in the upcoming future from most important to least, and when completed cross off everything but the top five.

Following this advice is great for a start as it gives you focus on the most important goals in your life, and it prevents you from becoming goal diffused. Unfortunately, this simplified process does not seek clarity and create an organized balanced lifestyle which is necessary to focus on life as a whole.

Instead, the best approach on how to set goals is to seek balance by focusing your list into three main areas.

3 Areas To Focus Your Goals

Below are the 3 areas of focus you should use when developing your goals. The approach here is to create a balanced life style with clear targets you are seeking for yourself. 

If one area or another is focused on more, your life will end up leaning in that direction causing you to miss out on life’s overall enjoyment. 

These are goals that directly impact your personal life. Things such as skills, learning & knowledge, overall self-improvements.  

Some examples of personal development goals:

  • Working on a relationship
  • Learning a new language
  • Improving your overall health and wellness

These are goals focused around your career and financial dreams. Work & Career goals are aimed at more quantitative areas for improvement. 

Work / Career goals are things like:

  • How much money do you want to make a year from now
  • Getting that promotion, and the time you will take to get there
  • Getting your business to be profitable

Fun and Relaxation Goals are things that focus on your ability to unwind and enjoy life. After all, life is not all about work and personal development, it is about what makes you happy. If you aren’t happy, you will never have proper balance in your life in order to focus and stay on track towards success. 

Fun and relaxation goals are things like:

  • Where you would like to travel to on your next vacation
  • Getting that new car, boat, or other toy desired
  • Buying a bigger house or vacation home

Triangle Example

When you are developing your goals, it is best to think of them as points on a triangle. Each point covers one area of focus (Work, Fun & Relaxation, Personal Development). Your goal is to create an equilateral triangle symbolizing symmetry and balance in your life. 

If one area is focused on more than the others, your triangle will pull in one direction causing an imbalance within your lifestyle and leading to overall unhappiness.


Balanced Life

Balance of work, fun, and personal development = Success

The equilateral triangle represents a balanced life where all key areas are equally managed.  Here you will be able to excel towards success while having equal focus and balance in your life.


Imbalanced Life

All play and no work & development will make you fall behind

The above examples show an imbalanced life where focusing too heavily on one area will cause another to fall behind.  This can be seen in work and family life with overly worked employees, or individuals who only play and never achieve their goals.


Let's Get Started!

Now that you understand the structure, let’s take action and begin writing down our goals. 

“A goal without an action plan is a daydream"

Your Past Does NOT equal Your Future

As you get started, it is important to remember you are the product of the choices and decisions you have made up until today.  If you are unhappy with your life today, that is based on your past thinking, past decisions, past relationships, past influences, and any other areas of your past. 

A key word here is PAST and not FUTURE

Your past does not equal your future.  Instead you can change your future at any time by changing the way you think and all other areas of your life will follow. 

What is real in your life is based on what you have achieved in the past. What becomes real in your future is what you set yourself to achieve.

Think Unrealistic and Dream Big

In order to change the way you think, you can no longer think realistic, but instead think unrealistic.  Thinking realistic is based on you PAST experiences and past thoughts while thinking unrealistic opens the mind to higher achievements of places and things you have never obtained before. 

In order to set your goals, you must think with the unrealistic and get yourself inspired. Motivate yourself to believe anything is possible.

Try listening to motivating music, go for a run, and get your heart excited. Motivate yourself to create yourself! By thinking anything is possible you will achieve results. 

With an unrealistic thinking approach you will be successful. Think of the example with Arnold Schwarzenegger above by creating that vision, and living into it!

Now it is your turn.

Seek Clarity

As you begin to think about your goals, many thoughts will come to your head. When you begin to develop your wants, needs, and desires it is important to place focus on what is it you truly desire out of life.

To assist you with seeking clarity, below are some suggested questions to guide you in the process.

Questions To Guide You

When you begin writing down your goals, focus on each of the three areas that balance your life (Personal Development, Work, Fun & Relaxation). Ask yourself some common questions that aim to what you want most in life.

Answer questions such as:

  • What do I want most in my personal life/career/relaxation?
  • Where would I like to go?
  • What do I want to become? 
  • Is there anything I want to change?
  • What do I want to have?
  • Is there anything I want to do?
  • How much money would I like to make?
  • What do I want to contribute towards this world?

How Do You Want To Be Viewed?

If you are seeking some additional help identifying your goals, ask yourself this key question: 

When I die, what do I want people to say about me?

This question is asking how would you like to be remembered. What impression would you like to leave behind? What do you want people to say? Or if you only had 30 more days to live, how would your priorities change?

This question should help you think about what you want to become, do, accomplish, and be known for on this world. What you think of here will help guide you on what goals to write down.

This question is inspired by the book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen R. Covey

Remember, your goals can be anything you desire most. They can be simple or they can be complex challenges. You set them, and can accomplish them.

Overall, it is up to you to use your imagination and create your future. Become your own visionary for your life!

All Goals Must Have Deadlines

When planning your goals it is essential to apply a timeline.  An easy method for setting your goals is to list out short term and long-term goals.

With this approach you can focus on the immediate, while working towards the bigger picture. Overall it is much easier to focus on the smaller task that build up to the larger end goal. Start with the stepping stones and work your way up!

To assist with planning your goals, here is an example layout you could follow:

Without a deadline, Parkinson’s law and procrastination will take over. 

Instead, it is best to give yourself accountability by setting a deadline allowing you to stay on track to accomplish your goals. 

With this in mind, you have to understand what is actually achievable by setting a realistic manageable timeline and hold yourself to it. You are your own boss of your life here. Only you can decide if you should be promoted or passed up with the rest.

Parkinson’s law – “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.  

This means a project, task, or goal will take the full amount of time you allow for it.

As you hit each small victory, the great long-term goal will become closer and appear more obtainable. Keeping yourself on track with the small wins will encourage yourself to continue with the challenge gets harder.

Additional Challenge - Stretch Goals

If you are up for adding an additional level when setting your goals, add a challenge by creating a stretch goal. A stretch goal is when you take your current goal and expand an additional target to reach.

For example: A goal to read 50 books in a year, the stretch goal would be to read 60 books. Another would be to push to increase your sales quota by tenfold, or take your goal of making six figures and making it six and a half figures.

Overall, the stretch goal allows you to see that you can go above and beyond your initial goal. The concept here is thinking big and accomplishing more than you thought you could previously. 

Leave with Excitement

Lastly if you are not excited after you have completed writing down your goals, then you MUST go back and do this exercise again.  You must be able to walk away feeling like a kid again with all new dreams wants and desires.  Get yourself in a state refusing to take anything less. 


What's Next After I Wrote Down My Goals?

First great work writing down your goals! If you do this every morning or night, it will naturally become a habit and later you will be teaching others on how to set goals.

As for next steps, once your goals are written, you now need to create a plan using your timeline and then follow through by taking action. Overtime you will accomplish your short-term goals eventually working your way up to achieving the long-term goals. 

Nothing happens all at once, but you can make a significant amount of progress when taken in small steps!

As Albert Einstein once said, “nothing happens until something moves” – So take action on your plan and turn your goals into reality.


Additional Resources

If you are looking for more great materials to assist you on how to set goals and develop yourself further, here are some suggested resources to check out.

by Brian Tracy

Written by one of our inspirations and mentors, this is only one of many of Brian Tracy’s books we will recommend here. 

By far, this is a great book to assist you along your path of development. You will find some helpful insights in here that will help guide your path in life forward. We hope it brings you as much value as it has done for us.

by Zig Ziglar

A legend when it comes to personal development, Zig Ziglar will always seek to inspire you over an over again. 

This book we actually recommend getting the audio book version so you can pick up on all of Zig’s humor. It is a joy to listen to this book and will open your mind with great common sense we all should have known by now in our lives. You will enjoy this one!

by Stephen R. Covey

This is a must read if you are looking to develop yourself further. Stephen Covey does an excellent job of of approaching life’s problems with a principle-centric approach. 

This book will help you on developing your goals as well as simplifying your mindset to give you security to adapt to change and provide you wisdom and power to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. 

How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Fear is what stops us all. It is what prevents us from becoming the greater version of ourselves. It creates the limitations that keep us where we are today while laughing at what we want to become. Seeking a way to overcome fear will be the gateway towards success in your life.

But what is fear exactly? What if we can learn to control our emotions towards our advantage? Well the short answer is yes you can learn how to overcome your fears and learn to control your anxiety!

This article dives into what fear is and covers several great methods commonly used to overcome fear and calm anxiety. Applying these methods will allow you to overcome the obstacle that stands in front of you and allow you to become the better version of yourself.

What's In This Article?


Let’s Talk About Fear: Facts about Fear

Before we dive in about how to overcome fear and anxiety, let’s first understand its root cause, what it is, and what it is not.  Understanding fear will help you to identify it in its early stages so you may overcome it easier.  

What is Fear and Anxiety?

Looking at fear scientifically, fear is a physical state in your body that is exactly the same as excitement. When you are in a state of fear or excitement, your heart races, you might sweat a little, you might feel tightening in your chest, get that pit in your stomach, and a surge of cortisol.

This reaction is fear and excitement placing your body into a hyper awareness state as it readies for action. Both states are a stress response your body reacts to in exactly the same manner.

Fear = Excitement

To Overcome Fear: It's All Mental

The only difference between fear and excitement is how you think.  

If you are excited, you mind imagines positive exciting rewards.  If you are afraid, your mind imagines scared and negative thoughts, thus creates a resistance response. 

Taking yourself out of your comfort zone and doing something you have not done before may trigger a fear mindset and associated thoughts.

The main factor is how to use these thoughts to your advantage and how to train your mind to approach them. With practice of controlling your mind, you will be able to overcome fear and anxiety.

Avoidance & Relaxation Do Not Work!

Now we all have heard someone say calm down and face the fear, but that typically never works.  That’s because when your body is in a hyper aware state, it is very hard to quickly change that state.  

An object in motion will stay in motion and while your body is in a state of fear, it will continue and take some time to alter your body’s state.

Ignoring your fear only adds to the fear - So do not disregard it, embrace it!

So How Do You Overcome Fear?

Fear is balanced between the risk and the reward. When the reward is greater than the risk to be taken, is when we decide to overcome fear and anxiety and strive for something more. But how can we do that exactly?

Let’s get started with some successful methods you can practice to overcome your fear and live the life of your dreams.

10 Methods to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

1. Educate Yourself: Knowledge Dispels Fear

Fear is about the unknown. Thus an excellent method to overcome fear and anxiety is to educate yourself on what you fear. Overtime fear will subside as the unknown becomes the known.

When your mind is presented with the unknown, it uses its best guess imagination to come up with various what-if scenarios.

As quoted above by Zig Ziglar, fear is only a false sense of evidence appearing to be real that is once again only created by your imagination and lack of all the details.

With some education on what you fear, you will answer many of the what-if’s in your mind and feel more comfortable as you move forward. Overtime you will overcome fear, and calm your anxiety understanding what is to come. 

Education Makes the Unknown Known

The more you learn about what makes you afraid, the less you will fear it.

2. Preparation and Planning Builds Confidence

Along with education, some preparation and planning will build your confidence to overcome fear and calm any anxiety. 

Athletes prepare both mentally and physically training for the next competition to come. Students study and practice examples in preparation of a final. CEO’s take weeks to months to prepare for a product release!

Fear and anxiety forces an individual to prepare more extensively and assess potential problems before they arise. The fear becomes the source of motivation to prepare and succeed.

You can never be too prepared!

Plan & Practice Builds Confidence

As you practice, you will get better and better reducing any fear and calming anxiety as your confidence grows.

3. Just Go For It: Take Action

Depending on the situation, sometimes the best method to overcome fear and anxiety is to just go for it head on. Face your fear head-on and remove that fear before it grows into something more.  

By taking action and forcing yourself to overcome a challenge, you will no longer feel afraid and will look back saying “That wasn’t so hard”. 

It’s procrastination that you are fighting here. The longer you wait, the more fear has the ability to sink in deeper and deeper. Prevent the procrastination trap, and dive in. 

The first time for anything is always the hardest. The second time will be much easier. Don’t delay, start today!

Fight Procrastination: Take Action

The more you extend a fear, the harder it will become to overcome it.

4. Fun & Laughter: Look for the Comedy

How could anything be scary if you are laughing at it? Taking a task and finding the fun side will no longer make it dreadful. 

Become the comedian of your own world and look for the entertaining side of things. Laughter is second to the power of love and will always overcome all other emotions we face.

Research has shown the use of humor to become a great ice breaker to a tension situation reducing anxiety. 

Nothing is perfect and there is always another angle to look at something; and sometimes that angle is through humor.

If It's Funny, It Can't be Scary

When you are laughing at something, you cannot possibly fear it.

5. Create Positive Anchor Thoughts

As we stated earlier, fear is in the mind. We can control our fear by anchoring positive thoughts. An optimistic mindset can create the motivation to push through any challenge. 

Positive anchor thoughts work wonders when repeated continually as they work their way into your subconscious response. 

Overtime, the more often you repeat and hold to you positive anchors, the auto suggestion response in your mind will kick in naturally combating a fear before it can set in.

An optimistic mindset will create the motivation to push through any challenge.

Be Optimistic

Looking at something with a positive light will no longer be feared.

6. Focus on the End Goal: See the Light

Using the power of focus will deliver positive results fast. When you put your mind to a challenge and leverage your ability to focus, you will be surprised as to how far you can get. No longer will you be distracted by other thoughts and fears.

Since the mind can only focus on one thing at a time, you no longer are allowing fear to set in. If you cannot think about it, how will you be able to fear it?

Focus also reinforces the end goal. It is the short-term pain for the long-term gain.

In our darkest moments when it is extremely difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel is when we must focus the most. We must push through and endure the pain not letting fear distract us. 

Overall, it is the positive end result we are striving for. With focus, fear is no longer a distraction propelling yourself towards results.

Focus Eliminates Distraction

When you are focused on the end goal, you will not be able to think about the fear.

7. Visualize Doing The Task: Power of Imagination

Similar to focus, by visualizing yourself completing the task will reduce the fear and anxiety. 

All things are first created in the mind before they can be obtain in reality. Imagine your path to overcome what you fear and visualize how it will impact you.

If you act as if it is impossible to fail, you will accomplish your goals. What is first in the imagination will later become brought to reality.

See Yourself Completing the Task

When you are focused on the end goal, you will not be able to think about the fear.

8. Defensive Pessimism: Negative Motivations

In some situations defensive pessimism can be used as a strategy to manage fear and anxiety. In these situations, a defensive pessimist will deliberately focus on the overall worst case scenario in order to intensify their fear and anxiety to extreme levels that turn it into motivation to push forward.

Thinking negative may have counter effects that propel us forward and challenge our fears. 

This approach follows a similar view of the backwards law by Allen Watts, where the negative thought leads to the polar opposite positive reaction. 

Negative thoughts push you through as to fail would mean death of the loss of something tremendous. The prospect of certain loss brings the go system online to react in a positive manner.

Focus on the worst possible outcome

Knowing the worst possible outcome creates drive and motivation to succeed.

9. Have a Friend or Group Join

The fear of doing something alone is always a challenge, but when you have friends to do it with you and support you, the fear succumbs and anxiety is reduced.

Working in groups is significantly impactful to take on new challenges. One individual cannot create a company alone. It takes a group to overcome a challenge, build a nation, change the world.

When people are able to see themselves as members of a group, an act of conformity and belonging arises. The saying “We are the many and they are the few” comes in to play here.

Friends & Groups Provide Support

Friends provide the additional support and motivation to achieve great things.

10. Get Excited & Feel the Energy

Finally as noted in the opening, fear is the same excitement. Your body does not know the difference. Only your mind can interpret which emotion should be released.

The only way you can control the fear is all about how you think of it. Fear is in the mind, and the only thing you can control in life is your own thoughts. 

When faced with a challenge, think of it as an exciting moment for you to triumph and get yourself excited. 

No longer will you be afraid, but instead be energized for the change or challenge about to come. 

Fear is the same as Excitement

Convert your fear into excitement that will propel you forward.

Wrap Up

Everyday you will face all types of fears that put you out of your comfort zone, but it is how you carry yourself through these fears is what you will become.  Decide to take control of your life, step forward, and never let fear hold you back anymore.  Seize the day and courageously triumph in the moment of darkness and the unknown.

You are what you think about each day. Focus on fear and you will always be holding yourself back from your own full potential.

Life is a dark rollercoaster with many twists and turns of unknowns to come. By using some or all of these techniques, you are now more equipped to push for the stars and overcome your fears. 

Now take that leap forward into the unknown and become the better version of yourself!

The Top 10 Habits of Successful People

Do you want to learn how to become successful and don’t know where to begin? We’ve put together the top 10 habits of successful people to set you on the right path to begin building your way to success. 

More importantly, these habits will apply to any area of success you seek.

What is Success for You?

Before we dive in, first ask yourself what is success for you. 

By asking this question will help give you clarity on what you need to focus on in order to become successful. 

Success has different meanings to everyone.  For you it could mean financial stability and amazing career, while others it could be winning that trophy or even overcoming an illness.

Overall, success will come is all shapes sizes and forms and it is up to you to determine what success means to you.

If you are looking to become successful in your own way, follow these 10 habits of successful people and you will be well on your way to achieving your dream.

If you want to be rich, do what the rich do

If you want to be poor, do what the poor do

What's in This Article?


Top 10 Habits of Successful People

1. Set Goals

The number one priority for anyone seeking success is to set goals.  The successful set goals in their lives no matter how big or small they may be.  

Your goals can be large targets such as becoming a millionaire but can also be smaller micro goals like making your bed every morning.  No matter what the goal is, it is important to set goals for yourself.

Without a target, you can't hit the bullseye

Your goals become the roadmap to your life.  Without a clear target of what you want, your chances to success are less than zero.

If you do not set goals, how will you ever know where you will end up?  Without a goal, you will end up where you don’t want to be in the future.  

Instead, create your future today, join the successful, and start setting goals.  (Maybe your first goal will be to create some goals)

2. Take Responsibility

You are the product of the choices and actions you decide to take. The successful take responsibility for both the success and the failures in their lives.  

Never play the victim but instead play the victor.  If something does not work out the way you wanted, continue on and keep trying.

Instead of blaming others for your failures, learn the from each lesson and continue to move forward.  

Your energy is best spent in the now and planning for the future.  Hampering on the past will only drag yourself down. 

Take responsibility for your life because no one will do it for you!

The successful mindset is How can I make this work? and What can I learn from this?.  

They do not make excuses for why something should be, instead the successful take the responsibility and create the successful forward actions continually learning from their mistakes.

3. Practice Self-Discipline

A critical self-trait of the successful is they practice self-discipline.

This means, instead of going for the quick easy reward, they push for the hard triumphant treasure. Discipline is the push for the long term reward and always the bigger gain.

We all must suffer one of two things: The pain of discipline, or the pain from regret and disappointment.

If you do not have a strong discipline habit, do not worry as discipline is something that can be developed over time through focus and practice.

Instead of distracting yourself going on social media, watching TV, or whatever your bad habit(s) may be, focus on doing something that will benefit your future.  

We emphasize focus, as the heart of discipline is within how you choose to focus your energy.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment

A great resource to check out is No Excuses! The Power of Self Discipline by Brian Tracy to learn more about how you can improve your self-discipline.

4. Self-Development Focused

The successful focus on self-development and self-improvement.  They continuously push themselves into the uncomfortable and overcome any fears that hold them back.

Focusing on self-development allows you to build confidence as well as learn and grow within yourself.  

Invest in yourself and raise your overall value

It is human nature to want to learn to grow.  Work on developing your mind and skills to the next level.  

When you invest in yourself, you become more valuable to others around you.  This will show later in your career and personal life.  

Find mentors through books and networking through life.  Push yourself into the uncomfortable and get enjoyment out of discomfort.  When you are uncomfortable, you are growing.

Challenge Question: Have you given up on yourself, or are you going to continue to develop towards your success?

5. Never Stop Learning

Additional to self-development, the successful spend as much time as they can learning.  The more education they obtain, the more freedom in life they will have. Those with the least amount of education create the most limitations on their own self without even knowing what they are doing.

The person who thinks they already know enough, is a fool.

Find Ways To Expand Your Mind

This would be through constant reading, gaining experience, taking online courses, finding mentors, and so many other methods. 

The average CEO reads about 50 books a year while the average person reads 2.5.  Do you want to be just average?

Focus your time educating yourself and keep an open mind. Continuously ask questions and challenge the status quo. Learn how to experience the joy of learning and expanding your mind.

Read or listen to as many books on topics you like that will improve your skills and raise the bar of your capability. 

Explore new ideas and methods of thought. Aim to become a leader within your own life and become a reader!

Leaders are Readers

Recommended Options

A great place for learning more about any topic you can imagine is on Skillshare. Skillshare has just about any topic you can imagine from stock investing to graphic design and video editing.
Also try Audible for a massive collection of audiobooks to continue reading while you are driving, eating, or sleeping.  Try it through this link below and get 2 free audiobooks to start!  I guarantee you will wonder why you never did this sooner.

6. Practice Time Management

The most valuable resource we have is our time. Once is it gone, it can never be brought back again.

Being able to properly manage your time is essential to be successful.  While the unsuccessful become stressed and overwhelmed with having too many things to do, the successful are never phased. 

Time is the most valuable asset you have so spend it wisely

To be successful, you must know how and when to focus on the high priority items. Get the most valuable task done first and leave the rest for later (The Pareto Principle)

Time is not only in the now, but in the future. Meetings placed on someone’s calendar is a time-debt that is to be paid in the future. 

The successful make sure they plan their time debts accordingly by looking a not only the days, but the months and years in advance.

To improve your time management skills and become more productive, read The 80/20  Principle: The Secrete to Achieving More with Less where you will learn how 20% of the effort gives you 80% of the results. 

Also to assist you with planning, try Trello to assist with managing all of your daily task.

7. Take Risks

If you want to become something greater, you must go where no one has gone before.  The successful are willing to take on a risk and attempt something new.

If you desire to be successful, you must be willing to push beyond your fear and strive for something more.  Overall, the larger the risk the greater the reward.

To become the better version of yourself, take more risk and push beyond your fears! Be willing to try something new and never let fear hold you back.  Learn methods to overcome fear and leverage them to your advantage. 

The only risk is not to take one! Take the risk and go for the life you want, or guarantee living the one you don’t want.  Are you willing to take that risk?

8. Push Through Adversity

We all suffer from failure and setbacks along our path. The successful are the ones who are able to learn from that failure, get back up, and continue pushing forward.  

In order to succeed, you must first fail and make mistakes. The most successful, are the ones who have failed over and over and learned each time. These are the people who have had to lose it all before achieving something greater.

What is most important is they keep going and don’t let adversity get in the way.

Much of your life will be spent making mistakes. It is how we learn. Make failure an everyday practice to learn from and grow.

Stop worrying about the things you cannot control and focus on what you can control.  While the unsuccessful quit, you will be successful and never quit.  Your greatest character is formed through adversity. 

When achievers fail, they see it as a momentary event, not a lifelong epidemic.

Know your greatest story is being written by you, and you need a big comeback!

Read Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones for Success by John Maxwell for additional support on overcoming adversity. 

9. Determination – The Will to Win

The successful use determination and perseverance as an asset.  They push and push until they win.  

Successful people find a way no matter what it takes. Whatever life throws at them, they find a way to deal with it.  There is no stopping someone with this amount of drive. 

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough

If you are able to push through life with a “Whatever it takes” mentality, you will become successful.  Your confidence will be knowing you gave it your all and left nothing behind.  You will find a way to win!  There are no regrets here!  

10. Have Passion in What You Do

Lastly the successful are passionate about what they do.  Their passion becomes their way of life, and their way of life becomes their career.  It keeps life simple and enjoyable. 

Become passionate in what you do, and you will never have to work ever again

If you do not love what you do, you cannot call yourself a success. When you spend most of your time and overall life in misery, I would call that a failure.  You should never have to torture yourself doing something you hate. 

Instead follow your heat and live for your passion.  With creativity, you can turn that passion into your profit. 

Do what you love every day, even if you have to take a pay cut.  It’s perfectly alright if you have to spend a few years enduring pain if that pain is for your greater purpose and ultimate goal.  

We all have to work hard for our passions, and when we find them, we never have to work another day in our lives again. 

What Makes an Entrepreneur Successful?

What makes an entrepreneur successful? How are some entrepreneurs able to lead to great accomplishments while others attempt to find success? What is the entrepreneur’s secrete to success?

Well first, I can tell you no one is born this way no matter what anyone else says. Everyone has the same level of capability to become just a successful as every other entrepreneur.

After studying many successful entrepreneurs, it is clear there are certain qualities they all share in common. When they combine these qualities together, they road to success come sooner. Practice these qualities and you too will become a successful entrepreneur.

Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

We All Start From Nothing

First we must all realize that everyone has to start from the same place. We don’t have money, we don’t have connections, and we might not event have a product. From here we all start from the bottom and work our way up!

Just like everyone else, an entrepreneur typically starts with nothing except an idea, or a desire for something better in the world. Having nothing enables the entrepreneur to empower their mind and seek to create what is not there.  

With the primary majority of us early stage entrepreneurs, all we have to start with nothing but an idea. Combine that with a burning desire for something more and you have the starting ingredients towards success.

You may not have any money, or connections, or even an idea yet, but the most important part is you start to move yourself forward from there. You can build your connections, find the money, and empower your creativity.

Your ideas will start flowing endlessly. What you choose to do with them next is up to you! 

Empower Your Creativity

As noted above, creativity is secrete to success. Everything you see today had to be created twice. Once in the mind, and second in reality.

Powered through creativity, successful entrepreneurs think over ideas to solve real problems, and later work to develop a successful solution. Only through creativity is how success is made.

Without creativity and entrepreneur is powerless. Creativity is the gateway to success. It is the starting point for all things in life.

Learn to empower your creativity and the ideas will flow endlessly.  Think like a child and elevate the power of your imagination. Create your life, create your dreams, create your opportunities! 

Take Action

All ideas are worthless unless you take action and follow through. Successful entrepreneurs take action to make their ideas come alive. 

This is the one quality that defines the successful. It all comes down to did you try?

If there is an idea you have in the back of your mind, bring it to the front of your mind.  Work with yourself to push yourself forward and take action to bring it to life.  Give yourself deadlines and make them publicly known.  Post them on social media and tell your friends.  Give yourself accountability that you will take action and make your ideas alive!

It all starts with you!

Be Adaptable

A successful entrepreneur is always adaptable.  They are constantly moving with the market, changing and ever evolving.  Successful entrepreneurs understand nothing last forever and they must embrace change as positive reinforcement to continually strive for something new.

You will have to become flexible and pivot with what your market demands. Understand unexpected changes will happen and they will not hold you down. Embrace change as it can also be the chance for something new, something more. Learn through seeking upcoming trends and adapting to get ahead of the evolving market. Adapt and you will thrive!

As a note, this goes for learning as well. Keep learning and you will keep growing. When you stop learning and stop adapting, your path ends. Don’t let it end and keep striving for more!

Test & Iterate

Nothing is ever perfected on the first try! Without failure, there is no success. The most successful entrepreneurs have had the most amount of failures. It isn’t until they finally had a win is when they appear as an overnight success.

Through trial and error is how we learn. Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without loosing motivation. 

Successful entrepreneurs understand it will take more than one attempt to get it right, and it will take several iterations until it is perfected.

To be successful, you will need to go out and speak with your customers, get feedback, make a change, and repeat the process. Your business will grow to the next level every time you make another attempt to seek exactly what your customer desires. 

Test it, change it, evolve it, and grow it!

Embrace Your Constraints

Pressure makes diamonds! – You are a diamond in the making.

Success does not come from comfort, it comes from when a constraint is placed on someone and they are able to overcome it. Someone who embraces a fear, or a challenge, and embraces it with everything they got will become a success.

This is where the magic happens! Successful entrepreneurs embrace their constraints and work within their limitations while thinking creatively how to break out of them. Often entrepreneurs will find themselves lacking the staff, the money, or skills to get them to the next level, but that does not hold them back.

When you face your constraints no matter what they will be, embrace them as they will push your creativity beyond measures. There are no limits on what you can do.

Focus On What Matter Most

We all have 24 hours in a day. How you spend those hours and what you focus on is what will separate you from the rest. 

Successful entrepreneurs make sure their time spent is well invested.  They make sure they are continually working towards their overall goal.  They do not waste their time sweating out the small stuff and instead focus on driving their revenue up, increasing their customer base, and overall seeking the highest return on their efforts.

Sometimes the things you decide to focus on may not actually be adding value.  Stop focusing on light stuff and dive into the deep stuff. Focus on the items that will create real value such as building your customer base, produce more products, and penetrate your market.

Ignore the fluff of answering emails, creating the best logo, and anything else that just waste your time. Practice selective procrastination on the things that don’t matter.

Focus on the metrics that make your business a business and forget the small stuff. 

Be Able To Sell

All entrepreneurs are salesmen one way or another. They continually push to sell not just their products, but their ideas. Successful entrepreneurs influence their customers and investors by selling them powerful ideas and answers to wants and desires.

You must learn to become your own salesmen. Work to become a rainmaker for your own life and business. Study books about sales and marketing to boost your skillset. Practice your new skillset and learn how to influence. Learn the techniques that have been proven successful as well as apply your own.

Devote Nights & Weekends

The successful entrepreneur knows the nights and weekends are when they get ramped up. That is the time to take advantage and get ahead of the game. While everyone else is consuming, the entrepreneur is creating. This is how the successful entrepreneur takes that part time passion and turns it into a full time reality.

If you want to get ahead, then use your time to your advantage. Stop spending your time watching TV, and instead start investing your time in you. Use the time to learn new skills, get exercise, network, and work on your passion. 

You are what you do. If you want to be successful, you have to find the time to make it happen. 

Take the initiative for yourself and break out of the game showing how you fill your nights and weekends.

Fun fact: Apple along with many other great companies was first created as a part time side hustle being worked on nights and weekends.

Focus on the Small Wins

You work hard each and every day. But without looking back and celebrating your small successes, you will lose motivation. 

It’s the small wins that count! Each one adds to the win pile until eventually you have a mountain that will be seen from all. They may not amount to much at fist, but over time each small win gets you closer to your goal.

While you work on your business, focus on the small accomplishments achieved and reward yourself in small ways. Everyone needs a little encouragement and by giving yourself a little sense of accomplishment can go a long way. 

Each small win is a sign of progress forward toward your goal. It could be something as small as getting paid for something you would normally do for free, or finishing a chapter in your book. 

If you focus only on the big win, you may never get there, but if you focus on the small wins each day, your will become one step closer to your big win.

Quitting is Not An Option

Entrepreneurs never quit. They never give up on their passion. They aim to work harder and longer than their competition. They will eventually work to outlast their competition. It can sometimes take years to get there but a successful entrepreneur is willing to make that sacrifice.

Understand that when you quit, you can never win. Studies have shown that persistence and continuous effort applied to one goal will thrive to success. While many of your competitors are giving up, you are pushing through and to the top.

Help Others & Build Relationships

Lastly, successful entrepreneurs know that people are the key to any business. Without people, they cannot function. There would be no operations, no sales, no business period!

 An entrepreneur puts focus on others which allows them to create value in the end.

A company is not built with just one individual alone. The word company itself infers a group. By working with others is how you create that company.

Learn to build deep relationships with your customers and clientele. Focus on building rapport and building trust. Work to provide value and seek to make others happy. In the end, it will all cycle back to you and your success.

A great entrepreneurial book that I highly recommend to inspire you further, check out: Zero to One Notes on Start-Ups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel