What makes an entrepreneur successful? How are some entrepreneurs able to lead to great accomplishments while others attempt to find success? What is the entrepreneur’s secrete to success?

Well first, I can tell you no one is born this way no matter what anyone else says. Everyone has the same level of capability to become just a successful as every other entrepreneur.

After studying many successful entrepreneurs, it is clear there are certain qualities they all share in common. When they combine these qualities together, they road to success come sooner. Practice these qualities and you too will become a successful entrepreneur.

Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

We All Start From Nothing

First we must all realize that everyone has to start from the same place. We don’t have money, we don’t have connections, and we might not event have a product. From here we all start from the bottom and work our way up!

Just like everyone else, an entrepreneur typically starts with nothing except an idea, or a desire for something better in the world. Having nothing enables the entrepreneur to empower their mind and seek to create what is not there.  

With the primary majority of us early stage entrepreneurs, all we have to start with nothing but an idea. Combine that with a burning desire for something more and you have the starting ingredients towards success.

You may not have any money, or connections, or even an idea yet, but the most important part is you start to move yourself forward from there. You can build your connections, find the money, and empower your creativity.

Your ideas will start flowing endlessly. What you choose to do with them next is up to you! 

Empower Your Creativity

As noted above, creativity is secrete to success. Everything you see today had to be created twice. Once in the mind, and second in reality.

Powered through creativity, successful entrepreneurs think over ideas to solve real problems, and later work to develop a successful solution. Only through creativity is how success is made.

Without creativity and entrepreneur is powerless. Creativity is the gateway to success. It is the starting point for all things in life.

Learn to empower your creativity and the ideas will flow endlessly.  Think like a child and elevate the power of your imagination. Create your life, create your dreams, create your opportunities! 

Take Action

All ideas are worthless unless you take action and follow through. Successful entrepreneurs take action to make their ideas come alive. 

This is the one quality that defines the successful. It all comes down to did you try?

If there is an idea you have in the back of your mind, bring it to the front of your mind.  Work with yourself to push yourself forward and take action to bring it to life.  Give yourself deadlines and make them publicly known.  Post them on social media and tell your friends.  Give yourself accountability that you will take action and make your ideas alive!

It all starts with you!

Be Adaptable

A successful entrepreneur is always adaptable.  They are constantly moving with the market, changing and ever evolving.  Successful entrepreneurs understand nothing last forever and they must embrace change as positive reinforcement to continually strive for something new.

You will have to become flexible and pivot with what your market demands. Understand unexpected changes will happen and they will not hold you down. Embrace change as it can also be the chance for something new, something more. Learn through seeking upcoming trends and adapting to get ahead of the evolving market. Adapt and you will thrive!

As a note, this goes for learning as well. Keep learning and you will keep growing. When you stop learning and stop adapting, your path ends. Don’t let it end and keep striving for more!

Test & Iterate

Nothing is ever perfected on the first try! Without failure, there is no success. The most successful entrepreneurs have had the most amount of failures. It isn’t until they finally had a win is when they appear as an overnight success.

Through trial and error is how we learn. Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without loosing motivation. 

Successful entrepreneurs understand it will take more than one attempt to get it right, and it will take several iterations until it is perfected.

To be successful, you will need to go out and speak with your customers, get feedback, make a change, and repeat the process. Your business will grow to the next level every time you make another attempt to seek exactly what your customer desires. 

Test it, change it, evolve it, and grow it!

Embrace Your Constraints

Pressure makes diamonds! – You are a diamond in the making.

Success does not come from comfort, it comes from when a constraint is placed on someone and they are able to overcome it. Someone who embraces a fear, or a challenge, and embraces it with everything they got will become a success.

This is where the magic happens! Successful entrepreneurs embrace their constraints and work within their limitations while thinking creatively how to break out of them. Often entrepreneurs will find themselves lacking the staff, the money, or skills to get them to the next level, but that does not hold them back.

When you face your constraints no matter what they will be, embrace them as they will push your creativity beyond measures. There are no limits on what you can do.

Focus On What Matter Most

We all have 24 hours in a day. How you spend those hours and what you focus on is what will separate you from the rest. 

Successful entrepreneurs make sure their time spent is well invested.  They make sure they are continually working towards their overall goal.  They do not waste their time sweating out the small stuff and instead focus on driving their revenue up, increasing their customer base, and overall seeking the highest return on their efforts.

Sometimes the things you decide to focus on may not actually be adding value.  Stop focusing on light stuff and dive into the deep stuff. Focus on the items that will create real value such as building your customer base, produce more products, and penetrate your market.

Ignore the fluff of answering emails, creating the best logo, and anything else that just waste your time. Practice selective procrastination on the things that don’t matter.

Focus on the metrics that make your business a business and forget the small stuff. 

Be Able To Sell

All entrepreneurs are salesmen one way or another. They continually push to sell not just their products, but their ideas. Successful entrepreneurs influence their customers and investors by selling them powerful ideas and answers to wants and desires.

You must learn to become your own salesmen. Work to become a rainmaker for your own life and business. Study books about sales and marketing to boost your skillset. Practice your new skillset and learn how to influence. Learn the techniques that have been proven successful as well as apply your own.

Devote Nights & Weekends

The successful entrepreneur knows the nights and weekends are when they get ramped up. That is the time to take advantage and get ahead of the game. While everyone else is consuming, the entrepreneur is creating. This is how the successful entrepreneur takes that part time passion and turns it into a full time reality.

If you want to get ahead, then use your time to your advantage. Stop spending your time watching TV, and instead start investing your time in you. Use the time to learn new skills, get exercise, network, and work on your passion. 

You are what you do. If you want to be successful, you have to find the time to make it happen. 

Take the initiative for yourself and break out of the game showing how you fill your nights and weekends.

Fun fact: Apple along with many other great companies was first created as a part time side hustle being worked on nights and weekends.

Focus on the Small Wins

You work hard each and every day. But without looking back and celebrating your small successes, you will lose motivation. 

It’s the small wins that count! Each one adds to the win pile until eventually you have a mountain that will be seen from all. They may not amount to much at fist, but over time each small win gets you closer to your goal.

While you work on your business, focus on the small accomplishments achieved and reward yourself in small ways. Everyone needs a little encouragement and by giving yourself a little sense of accomplishment can go a long way. 

Each small win is a sign of progress forward toward your goal. It could be something as small as getting paid for something you would normally do for free, or finishing a chapter in your book. 

If you focus only on the big win, you may never get there, but if you focus on the small wins each day, your will become one step closer to your big win.

Quitting is Not An Option

Entrepreneurs never quit. They never give up on their passion. They aim to work harder and longer than their competition. They will eventually work to outlast their competition. It can sometimes take years to get there but a successful entrepreneur is willing to make that sacrifice.

Understand that when you quit, you can never win. Studies have shown that persistence and continuous effort applied to one goal will thrive to success. While many of your competitors are giving up, you are pushing through and to the top.

Help Others & Build Relationships

Lastly, successful entrepreneurs know that people are the key to any business. Without people, they cannot function. There would be no operations, no sales, no business period!

 An entrepreneur puts focus on others which allows them to create value in the end.

A company is not built with just one individual alone. The word company itself infers a group. By working with others is how you create that company.

Learn to build deep relationships with your customers and clientele. Focus on building rapport and building trust. Work to provide value and seek to make others happy. In the end, it will all cycle back to you and your success.

A great entrepreneurial book that I highly recommend to inspire you further, check out: Zero to One Notes on Start-Ups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel

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